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Licensed Real Estate Agent (REA 2008), AREINZ, Member of the REINZ
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Michelle Stanborough has lived in West Auckland almost her entire life. She has raised her family here and has genuine passion for people and their properties. Michelle has a wealth of Real Estate knowledge with a career spanning over 17 years. Michelle is a Licensed Agent AREINZ (2008) and coupled with a Real Estate endorsed Graduate Business Diploma from Massey University, her clients really are in the best hands possible. Michelle gives her clients the edge on the competition by being a quick thinker, an innovative marketer and a skilled negotiator. Michelle builds an easy rapport, listens attentively and provides her clients and customers with the very best of client service. Repeat business and referrals are the highest of compliments, and Michelle receives them on a regular basis. In her leisure time you'll find Michelle swimming laps at the local pools, walking the peninsula coastal walks with her two little dogs or assisting in various community projects. If you are considering buying or selling real estate, give Michelle a call, I know she would love to hear from you.
Happy Clients...
...it felt effortless dealing with you throughout! As for the auction vs. set date of sale/negotiation is so much easier and less costly specially for first home buyers trying to break into the market. As we all know saving for a house deposit is very difficult. If your trying to purchase a house at auction, well you can see that deposit fading away quite quickly getting the due-diligence done prior to auction. As first home buyers we much prefer knowing the price of the house or to be able to negotiate with the vendor. It's a much more satisfying & comforting process. It always helps when you have a knowledgeable, friendly and communicative agent to deal with as well. Thank you very much for all your help, understanding and patience during the process. Sebastien & Rebecca
Sebastien & Rebecca
We found the Set Date of Sale great as we had a realistic price range to work within and not have any surprises thrown at us. We were able to negotiate with the seller in a non pressure atmosphere and a beneficial outcome I believe for both the seller and buyer. Regards Lyn Walker
Lyn Walker
Looking for our new family home in West Auckland was daunting. Everything seemed to be an auction, we got to the point that we no longer viewed these property's. The reason; we would get excited about a house and put in a pre - auction price. You then have to wait 4 days before the auction could be brought forward (if in fact they accepted the price, hence this could go on for over a week whereas by then our settlement date for our property was looming closer), or the price would go well over what was a realistic price on the property. This process was just wasting our time, patience, energy (dragging 3 boys around every weekend) and expectations. Finally we came across a price negotiation (not an auction) viewed the property, loved it, made an offer on it the next day, this was accepted. This process took 2 days the Auction process took 4 weeks. Michelle was amazing, she took all the hard work away and worked for not just the vendor but the purchaser as well. I would not hesitate to use Michelle again not only is she professional, but she goes the extra mile, and always kept us informed. Kind Regards Annette
Set Date of Sale was better for me because, 1-i knew where i was in regards to price range and my budget 2-could plan ahead and not have to worry about the auction process of what if?? i win or lose. and then having to start all over again because you lost the auction, that happened to me 3 times! very stressful. 3- negotiate with buyer straight away. 4- being able to buy it now was a big plus for me. 5- the waiting can be stressful and this way there wasn't much of that. 6- saving money. 7- there is not the same amount of pressure from agents. 8- on a personal level, the whole experience was much more relaxed and i felt calmer and more in control than i had with auctions and i know that is because of the pressure that is put on us as the buyers. Thanks, Val
As a potential purchaser in todays market, im really keen on the Set Date of Sale for the following reasons. It allows you the quick negotiation process as opposed to the Auction, which I find quite stressful. Also you get the choice to keep costs at a minimum. For an auction you must prepare for the day of Auction through Lawyers,Banks, Building Inspection and addition council requests. This all comes at a cost financial and time wise. I also enjoying the quick process of being able to buy it now, able to negotiate with the seller. Having a realistic pricing indiction allows me to make good choices rather than being strung along and waiting 4 to 5 weeks for an auction. Kind regards Liane
As you know we are not the biggest fans of auctions! For us the auction process does not suit, for buying and selling as I have outlined below. There are several reasons that we do not like the auction process as a buyer but the biggest one is that we do not want to sell our house until we have found a suitable house to move into, the issue we have is because we are planning on using bridging finance, the bank reserves the right to order a valuation on any house we put an offer on, this straight away precludes us for putting an offer on a house at auction because auctions are (as you know) are unconditional. Apart from the reason above, the other issue that we have with the auction process is the fact that you can spend a lot of money doing due diligence (building report, lawyers, property bags etc.) with no real confidence that you are in with a shot of winning the auction. Also with such a heated market if we put a pre auction offer on a house it is three days before we know the outcome and we have to go through the bidding process which can be emotionally stressful! Several houses that we have looked at have only been on the market for a single day before selling. One of the reasons we like the set date of sale is that when we bid on the house at Collwill Road, we knew within 24hrs that we were not successful with our bid, had this been a pre auction offer we would have been effectively out of the market for three days and missing opportunities to bid on other houses. As far as selling our house goes we would not entertain the Auction process because based on what we have seen in the market. Good properties marketed as POA, PBN, or Set Date of Sale tend to sell on average faster than auction properties, we think the reason for this is that many buyers are, like us, are turned off by the auction process. We have also noticed that several houses that we have been watching have gone to auction and have not sold and have be re-listed as PBN which sets the vendor back at least three weeks, leaves them out of pocket for the auction costs and leaves the house with the stigma of not selling.
Doug and Lisa
In the competitive Auckland housing market I had spent months investing time and money into researching properties, then waiting for them to go to auction, only to lose time and time again against several aggressive bidders competing for the same house. The auction process can be really heartbreaking as you spend weeks thinking that you may have found your new home only to have your dreams dashed in the middle of an auction room. The ability to negotiate with the seller and know within a short period of time that my offer had been accepted was refreshing and stress free. I had done my research so knew the market value of the property and the sellers had a realistic expectation with regards to price and timelines. Being able to work with Michelle on this purchase was a delight and really took the stress out of buying a home. She maintained e-mail and phone contact through the whole process so I never had to worry about anything. I can’t express enough how happy I am in my new home and how the whole process was made so easy by Michelle an her team. Dr Michelle Dickinson
Michelle Dickinson
When we were looking at buying a new house most of them were listed as auction which put my wife and me off as you are uncertain as to if you even have a shot at being able to afford the house. With this in mind we decided to sell with Michelle as our agent because she sat down with us and explained all of the pros and cons for each process. With all of the information presented to us we were able to make an informed decision and we chose “Set Date of Sale”. This way there was very little stress and a lot of interest in our property. We ended up selling our house for a fair price in a short period of time which meant we could start looking for a new house faster knowing how much we could spend. My wife and I are very happy with the way Michelle conducted business and would be happy to use her again.
Simon & Michelle
Michelle Stanborough recently handled the sale of our property at 70 Universal Dr in Henderson. My partner Shannon and I would like to commend her for all her hard work, effort and fantastic service. Michelle is extremely professional but above all honest and has a real empathy for her clients which we and the buyers (whom we have got to know a little) really appreciated. In an industry which at times has a bad name, people like Michelle are a shining light and we would highly recommend her to anybody that is buying or selling. I have had some involvement with the industry in Australia for some years so I don’t say these things lightly about Michelle and both Shan and myself are very grateful that we picked her to sell our home.
Jamie & Shannon
I just wanted to tell you, how fabulous you were in selling my home recently, I was thrilled with the outcome, your negotiating skills were nothing short of fantastic, you certainly know how to Market and Sell properties, your expert professionalism and dignity were maintained throughout the whole process. I would unreservedly recommend any future customers to you. Sincerely Marilyn Larsen
Marilyn Larsen
Hi Michelle, We want to say thanks for all your help getting us into our first home – a property that we still can’t quite believe is ours it’s so gorgeous! After months of frustration with the Auckland market and the dreaded auctions, we were nearing the end of our tether at constantly missing out. Having the set date of sale/negotiation process enabled us to sort out our due diligence without having to attend an auction and seeing the house price climb up out of reach within moments. Thanks again for all your hard work, prompt, friendly communication and dealing patiently with our first-buyer nerves. We’re off to have a drink with friends, in our very own house, looking out onto our own fabulous garden. Cheers! Kind regards Elise and Mike
Elise and Mike
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